Engaging and Motivating Customers

Key Information:  
Dates: Please contact us
Venue: North London Business Park or purchasing organisation's own venue
Duration: Full day

Target Audience

This course is ideal for you if you work directly with customers within any service setting.



This course aims to introduce you to the strategies for building rapport and encouraging individuals to participate in their own support.  You will be introduced to motivational interviewing techniques and provided with a toolkit to help you motivate your customers.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will understand why individuals may display avoidant, confrontational, hostile or dismissive behaviours.  You will know the different strategies you may use when confronted with individuals who are displaying these behaviours.  You will also know which tools and techniques to use in the different stages of the cycle of change and will be able to implement basic motivational interviewing skills to support sustainable change in the individuals with whom you are working.


Course Contents

  • Exploration of different behaviours that lead to non-engagement and the possible reasons for these behaviours
  • Strategies and techniques to use when working with people who are hard to engage
  • Exploration and practice of the principles and techniques of motivational interviewing
  • The cycle of change and how this works in practice
  • Tools to use with customers during the different phases of change
  • Working with resistance
  • Improving confidence to change



The strategies and techniques within this course are also explored within the Customer Care and Empowerment course.  Attending both courses will enhance your knowledge and understanding of these approaches to working with customers.  Attending this course will prepare you to attend the Motivational Interviewing course.