Reporting and Recording

Key Information:  
Dates: Please contact us
Venue: North London Business Park or purchasing organisation's own venue
Duration: Half day

Target Audience

This course is ideal for all staff who offer direct care and support to the customer.


This course aims to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge about good practice in reporting and recording your activities and concerns.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be clear about your legal and regulatory responsibilities for the recording, communicating and storage of information in the workplace.  You will understand how to ensure records are sufficient, accurate, up-to-date and secure.  You will know the detail required to ensure that records concisely reflect the situation without being cumbersome and too detailed.  You will also be fully aware about your responsibility for communicating information, how and when to seek consent and in what circumstance it is appropriate to pass over information without prior consent.

Course Contents

  • Legal and regulatory requirements for the recording, communicating and storing of information in the workplace
  • Ensuring that records are legible, sufficient, accurate, valid and up-to-date
  • The difference between the use of fact and evidence based opinion in record keeping, and how to document these accurately
  • The importance of consent in passing over information, and when to pass over information without prior consent
  • The use of records as an audit trail; how and why they may be used for investigation and other purposes
  • Practices that ensure security when storing and accessing information
  • Case study and real life examples to practice your skills in recording information in the workplace


This course links to QCF unit HSC38, Promote good practice in handling information.  You may use your learning from attending this course towards the Level 3 Health and Social Care Diploma