Is this qualification right for me?

The level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care is ideal for you if you work within a health and social care setting. It is also suitable if you have been working in health and social care for some time but have not undertaken a related qualification and would like your knowledge and skills to be recognised.  This qualification is a natural progression from the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care and helps  to further increase your knowledge and skills thus allowing you to take on more responsibility within your role.


Outline of the qualification

There are three pathways through this qualification, a general pathway, a dementia pathway and a learning disabilities pathway. To complete a full Diploma qualification you need to select units to a total credit value of 58.  There are 9 compulsory Group A units with a credit value of  28.  You must take at least one of the Group B knowledge based optional units and the remaining credits can be chosen from the optional C group units.  

The compulsory  units include:-

  • Unit SHC 031, Promote communication in health and social care settings (3 credits)
  • Unit HSC 027,  Promote and Implement health and safety in health and social care (6 credits)
  • Unit SHC 32,  Engage in personal development in health and social care (3 credits)

Group B  units include:-

  • LD201,  Understand the context of supporting an individual with learning disabilties (4 credits)
  • DEM 301, Understand the process and experience of dementia (2 credits)
  • CMH 301, Understand mental  well being and mental health problems (3 credits)

Group C units include:-

  • ASM 34,  Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects (5 credits)
  • HSC 3020, Facilitate person centred assessment,implementation and review (6 credits)
  • HSC 3022, Support individuals to live at home (4 credits)
  • HSC 3045, Promote positive behaviour (6 credits)


How am I assessed?

You will be invited to attend an induction at the start of the course.  You will be assigned a qualified and experienced assessor who will undertake an initial assessment of your neeeds to ensure that you select a pathway and units that reflect your role and responsibilities.  Your assessor will agree a plan of assessment with you, this may include attendnce at a set number of lessons.  The assessment methods may include, observing you whilst you carry out specific duties, written and oral questions, an examination of your records and reports and professional discussion.


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